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About Piccolina

Piccolina is a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering today’s young children to become tomorrow’s leaders and problem solvers!

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The problem

Research shows that starting at age 5, many girls develop self-limiting beliefs and begin to think they're not as smart and capable as boys. Conversely, boys are expected to be tough and are not encouraged to be artistic or express emotions. Many kids’ clothes and products perpetuate these harmful gender stereotypes. STEM-related themes, like dinosaurs and trains, are usually only offered to boys, and girls are not shown enough women role models in leadership positions or fields relating to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

The solution

A brand that empowers all children to believe that no dream is beyond their reach. Our Trailblazer Collection introduces your little one to women role models who broke barriers in their respective fields - from aviation to civil rights. Our Discovery Collection encourages them to question, explore and learn with themes like paleontology, space exploration and more. All our products are designed to help your little one discover their passions and live to their fullest potential.

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About Us

At the core of Piccolina’s identity is a commitment to social justice, equality and inclusion, and those are values that we incorporate into all aspects of our business. We are women-owned, work with a global community of artists, and give back 1% of all sales to our non-profit partners working on the ground to support children in need.

What makes Piccolina different?


  • Dedicated to kids' empowerment and enrichment

  • Unique, custom illustrations and patterns

  • Thoughtfully sourced, high quality products that will pass the hand-me-down test!

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