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Collection: Children

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Inspiring Clothes for Kids

Piccolina's inspiring clothes empower today's kids to become tomorrow's trailblazers, leaders and problem solvers. Created to inspire young girls — and boys — to dream big, defy stereotypes and be brave, bold and curious, our entire line of printed apparel and products is designed to stimulate cognitive development, promote an empowered self-perception in early childhood, and lay the foundation for lasting interests in STEM, leadership and other important topics as children grow. We're shattering gender stereotypes with feminist apparel and designs that show young girls from the time they are toddlers that there's no limit to what is interesting, aspirational or achievable in life, regardless of gender.

Designed to empower kids to embrace their curiosity and explore their interests, our unique girls clothing and accessories feature prints with themes related to education, exploration, adventure and social justice. Feminist clothes from start to finish, our empowering clothing is all designed in collaboration with female artists from around the globe and produced primarily by female owned-and-operated factories and crafted in super soft 100% Peruvian cotton — recognized around the world as the premier cotton in comfort and resilience.

Discover inspiring clothes and feminist apparel from printed kids long sleeve tunics about robotics, architecture, geology and botany, printed kids long johns and PJ about geology, entomology, geometry and mountain climbing, to printed raincoats about locomotives and architecture, printed long sleeve t-shirts with pockets, printed leggings and more.

There's inspiring clothes and themes for all of your little ones' interests. Discover activist clothing, women leaders shirts, and empowering clothing including dresses, tops & t-shirts, outerwear, leggings, long johns, skirts, outerwear sweatshirts and baby sizes. Explore Trailblazer t-shirts and sweatshirts, space shirts, space leggings and space theme dresses, construction theme shirts, aviation leggings and aviation skirts, STEM tops and STEM clothes, oceanography t-shirts, paleontology clothes, chemistry t-shirts and more.

Our Trailblazer Collection featuring history's fiercest females and trailblazing, changemaking women is a fan-favorite and great conversation starter with your little ones. You can even shop Trailblazers t-shirts for yourself with new adult sizes. Keep your kids protected with unique face masks printed in our favorite themes, or explore other printed accessories including printed umbrellas, beach towels, underwear and more.