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5 Tips for Designing Kids Rooms that Promote Self-Expression and Empowerment

Brought to you by our friends at Crate and Kids.

When designing kids rooms, promoting self-expression & empowerment is key. Explore five of our favorite tips for creating kids bedrooms that nurture.

As a home and lifestyle brand, Crate and Kids is dedicated to helping parents design creative homes for kids to grow in. We empower kids' creativity and celebrate their individuality through furniture and decor that stimulates self-expression.

And when it comes to self-expression, we believe that a child's bedroom is more than a space for them to rest their head — it's their very own space to celebrate their unique personality and interests. That's why we're big fans of finding ways to incorporate things kids love into their rooms, whether it's a favorite color, theme, or hobby. Read on for our tips on designing a bedroom that is equal parts stylish and empowering.

  1. Create a color palette using their favorite hues — no paint required. True story! While painting your child's room their favorite color may seem like the easiest way to help them celebrate their love of a certain hue, there are options that are far less permanent. We love the idea of layering on favorite colors through textiles (bedding, duvet covers, quilts, pillows), as well as finishing touches like rugs, artwork and removable wallpaper. This is also a great opportunity to have kids get involved by helping to choose items that reflect their colorful personality.
    Create a color palette using their favorite hues—no paint required.
  2. A quiet space to read and dream. Turn an empty corner of their bedroom into a quiet reading nook — the perfect spot to read, imagine or daydream. All you need is comfy seating (we love soft chairs and bean bags), a fun lamp and a bookshelf (or even bins and baskets) filled with their favorite books. These types of spaces can be empowering for little ones because it's their own little corner of the world, just for them.
    Black and White Stripe Beanbag chairWhite Gallery Art Rail MCK
  3. Have fun with playful patterns and themes. Childhood is a time of curiosity and play, and we believe an element of playfulness is always a good thing in kids bedroom decor. Try incorporating a boldly patterned decor element, like stripes or polka dots. Or choose a duvet cover and artwork with a common theme, like animals, dinosaurs, get the idea. Along with adding visual interest, playful patterns and textures can spark kids' curiosity and imaginations in unexpected ways.
    Jenny Lind White Twin BedTent twin bed organic Charley
  4. Use their own books and toys as decor. Displaying your little one's toys and books is a fantastic way to add pops of color, personality and warmth to their bedroom. Placing their books and toys on display sends an empowering message that their interests are important. Bonus: Showcasing books about inspiring people and places can spark a child's own sense of curiosity and exploration.
    Brady White Square play table
  5. Create a gallery wall of their artwork. Fun fact: Gallery frames and gallery art rails have a superpower — they can turn doodles, finger paintings, cartoons and sketches into a professional looking gallery wall. We love the idea of mixing in original artwork by kids with favorite prints or photographs. Try regularly rotating their work to spotlight their latest creations, just like professional art galleries!

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