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8 Real-Life Heroes:Wonder Women Edition

What does a hero look like? This question has been asked throughout history, and the answer is always changing. Some people might say that a hero is someone who risks their life to save others, while others might say that a hero is someone who is kind and generous. We believe that anyone can be a hero!

Today, we want to celebrate 10 real-life heroes. These women have done incredible things and deserve to be recognized. From fighting for human rights and saving lives to transforming how society views women, these women have made a difference in their communities and the world. 

But before we get started, let's first look at who was regarded as a "real hero" in history and who we regard as heroes today. 

Who Was A Real Hero In History? 

In ancient Greece, the word "hero" was used to describe people who were brave and strong. They were often regarded as larger-than-life figures who had great strength and courage. Heroes were often celebrated in stories and poems, and their deeds were used to teach people about what it meant to be brave and virtuous. 

There are countless stories of heroes throughout history, but one major archetype for the rest is the goddess, Athena – a figure now seen as a champion of women’s rights. Athena can be seen as the embodiment of strength and wisdom in a traditionally male-dominated culture of heroes. 

Who Are Heroes In Our Society? 

In our society today, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. We believe that anyone can be a hero, regardless of their strength or ability. For example, someone who volunteers their time to help others is just as much of a hero as someone who risks their life to save someone else. 

So, what does it mean to be a hero in our society? We believe that a hero is someone who helps others and makes the world a better place. No matter their background, anyone can be a hero. 

Inspirational Stories Of Real-Life Heroes 

There have been several women throughout history who have made a difference in their communities and the world, whether through their actions or their words. 

Here are 8 of the most inspirational stories of these real-life heroes.  


frida kahlo

1. Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who is best known for her self-portraits. Frida used her drawings to explore several themes, including identity and gender. Her work challenged traditional ideas about femininity and helped redefine what being a woman in the 20th century meant.

Kahlo was also an active member of the community and an outspoken critic of the Mexican government. She used her art to raise awareness of the injustices faced by the people of Mexico. 

Kahlo's story is one of strength and courage. Despite facing several challenges in her life - including the fact that she spent most of her days lying in bed after suffering a spine injury - she never gave up on her art or her beliefs. 

Today we are proud to have her story represented in our Frida Kahlo collection: 


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Not only does this collection teach your kids about Frida Kahlo, but it also inspires them to be more resilient and blaze their own trails – just like her!


Eleanor Roosevelt


2. Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945. She was an important political figure in her own right and used her platform to fight for the rights of women and minorities. 

During her time as first lady, Eleanor worked tirelessly to improve the lives of those affected by the Great Depression. She also helped pass several pieces of legislation, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, which established a minimum wage and set limits on the number of hours people could work. 

After her husband, President Franklin Roosevelt, died in 1945, Eleanor continued to work for social justice. She was a delegate to the United Nations and helped to draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

Eleanor Roosevelt's story is one of dedication and determination. She never gave up on her fight for justice, even when it was difficult. And for that reason, we celebrate Eleanor Roosevelt as one of our real-life heroes in history. 


Amelia Earhart t-shirts

3. Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart, an American aviator, was the first woman in history to fly over the Atlantic Ocean – something that no other woman had dared to do before. Earhart was a trailblazer in the field of aviation. She broke numerous records and inspired other women to pursue their dreams. She also wrote several books about her experiences as a pilot. 

Earhart's story is one of courage and adventure. She constantly pushed herself to new limits and inspired others to do the same.

Today we celebrate Amelia Earhart as one of our greatest heroines through our Amelia Earhart collection: 


Amelia earhart

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Our Amelia Earhart collection is meant to teach kids about this special heroine and inspire them to dream big and think outside the box – something that Amelia Earhart did throughout her life! 

kamala harris

4. Kamala Harris 

Kamala Harris is the current Vice President of the United States. She is also the first woman and first person of color to hold this office. Harris has dedicated her career to fighting for justice – making her one of the most celebrated heroines today! 

As a prosecutor, she worked to ensure justice was served s. As a senator, she fought for laws that would improve the lives of everyday Americans. And as vice president, she continues to fight for equality, especially among marginalized communities. 

Harris' story is one that shatters glass ceilings. She has accomplished so much in her career and is proof that anything is possible if you work hard and believe in yourself; a good lesson for kids of all ages! 

 Kamala Harris Long Sleeve Trailblazer Tee

Today we celebrate this special heroine through our Kamala Harris collection: Kamala Harris Short Sleeve Trailblazer Tee and Kamala Harris Long Sleeve Trailblazer Tee, which is sure to teach kids about Kamala Harris and hopefully inspire them to achieve great things too!


mae jemison


5. Mae Jemison 

Mae Jemison is an American astronaut who was the first woman of color to go to space. She is also a medical doctor and a chemical engineer. Jemison has dedicated her life to science and technology, and she has made important contributions to both fields. 

As an astronaut, she participated in several space missions and conducted experiments in space. As a medical doctor, she has worked to develop new vaccines and treatments for diseases. And as a chemical engineer, she has worked to develop new products and technologies. 

Jemison's story is one of curiosity, hard work, dedication, and tenacity. Also, one that goes to show that anyone from any race, gender, or social class can achieve anything they set their minds to - even if it seems impossible! 

Today we celebrate Mae Jemison as one of our greatest heroines through our Mae Jemison collection: 

mae jemison  tee


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Our Mae Jemison Collection is important because it inspires all kids – no matter their background – to follow their dreams and reach for the stars just like Mae Jemison! 

 jane goodall 

6. Jane Goodall 

 Jane Goodall is a world-renowned primatologist who has dedicated her life to understanding chimpanzees' behavior and social interactions. Goodall has made important contributions to our understanding of chimpanzee behavior and has worked to protect these animals from extinction. She has also founded several organizations dedicated to conservation and animal welfare. 

She is considered a real-life hero today because of her unending passion for protecting animals and her dedication to educating others about the importance of conservation.

Goodall's story is one of compassion, intelligence, and determination. She has shown us that even the smallest creature deserves our respect and protection. By sharing her knowledge and passion with the world, she has inspired people of all ages to care about the natural world and take action to protect it. 

jane goodall tee


We are proud to have several products in our Jane Goodall collection: 

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Not only does our Jane Goodall collection teach kids about her, it also inspires them to be compassionate and determined like her! 

hellen keller

7. Helen Keller

Helen Keller was an American educator, political activist, and author. She was the first blind and deaf person to acquire a bachelor's degree. Keller was an advocate for the disabled, and helped to found the American Foundation for the Blind. She also wrote several books, including her autobiography, The Story of My Life

Keller's story is one of courage, perseverance, and hope. Despite the many challenges she faced, she was able to overcome them and live a full and productive life, something that many people thought was impossible. 

Today, we remember Hellen Keller as a hero and role model for all people with disabilities. She is an inspiration to us, and we are proud to have her as one of our trailblazers -- check out our Helen Keller Short Sleeve Trailblazer Tee

 hellen keller shirt

Our brand is dedicated to inspiring kids to be problem-solvers - which perfectly aligns with Keller's story. We hope that by wearing this shirt, kids will be reminded that they have the power to overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals. 

malala yousafzai

8. Malala Yousafzai

Malala is an education activist from Pakistan and the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize laureate. When she was just a young girl, Yousafzai was shot by a terrorist group in her home country of Pakistan for criticizing their law prohibiting girls' education. 

Despite this attack, she survived and continued to fight for the right of all girls to receive an education. 

Malala's story is one of hope, determination, and courage. She has shown the world that even the youngest person can make a difference, and today we celebrate her as one of our real-life heroes! 

We are proud to have her story represented in our Malala Yousafzai collection: 

Malala Yousafzai sweatshirt and plush doll

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Our Malala collection is a reminder to kids that they have the power to make a difference in the world and that they too can be real-life heroes!

ruth bader ginsburg

9. Ruth Bader Ginsburg   

Ruth was a lawyer and judge who served as a justice of the Supreme Court from 1993 to 2020. She was the first Jewish woman and second woman to serve on the Court. Before serving on the Court, she attended Cornell University and later Columbia Law School where she graduated first in her class. Her work with the Columbia Law School Project influenced her outlook on gender equality. 

She was a large advocate for women’s rights and equality over the years as she rose from a volunteer lawyer to eventually the Supreme Court. Her impact in the legal world and beyond dubbed her “The Notorious R.B.G.” a name she came to embrace. 

Despite a long career, she faced many challenges but continually advocated for justice and equality. Her contributions to society have cemented her status as an American cultural icon for all to continue to remember for years to come. 

Ruth bader ginsburg tee

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rosa parks

10. Rosa Parks 

Rosa was an American activist during the Civil Rights Movement. She is best known for her role in the Montgomery bus boycott. In 1955 Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa refused to give up her seat on the bus so that a White passenger could sit instead. She was told to move back to the “colored” section of the bus, but her refusal resulted in her being arrested for civil disobedience. Her fearlessness and willingness to stand up against segregation laws inspired subsequent action with other civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. 

Her actions also made her into a international icon and symbol of resistance against racial segregation. Following this, she continued to stay involved with the NAACP, the Black Power movement, and even in the support of political prisoners. 

Upon her death she was laid in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, making her the first woman to be honored in this fashion. Rosa’s bravery and resilience remind us all to stand up for what is right and create an equal world for all. 

rosa parks tee and plush doll

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Be A Real-Life Hero Today

The heroines we have mentioned are only a few of the many inspiring women who have made a difference in the world. Each of them has an amazing story that teaches us about the importance of compassion, determination, and hope. 

We believe that kids have the power to make a difference in the world, and we hope that by wearing our Piccolina Trailblazer Collection, they will be inspired to be the next generation of real-life heroes!